10 Cope's Clips Packet -001Welcome to my new website which features all of the images of the cards in this fantastic set. At the very outset I must thank Matt Stevens who has been the driving force behind this website as well as the supplier of all* of the images, both fronts and backs; without Matt’s involvement there is no way this website could ever have been imagined.

Latest updates to the site and news about the stages of development will all appear here, on this Homepage.

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So without further ado, off we go…


*The image of the cigarette packet shown here is courtesy of Alan Jenkins. The front shows a player in the blue kit of Everton FC whilst the reverse apparently showed another player in Liverpool FC red.


012 ChorltonAlan Jenkins has spotted that the “120 pictures” card of 12. Chorlton has his team named as “Liverpoo”; it’s clearly a typo, although I’m sure that most Everton fans would enjoy it! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

UPDATE: Alan has also informed me that by the time of the “500 pictures” issue this had been corrected. He has also kindly supplied an image of the card which you can see HERE.

UPDATE: Final (?) variation card added

65 MorganOnce again my grateful thanks go to American collector Keith Olbermann who correctly pointed out that card 65 in the Swansea (rugby) set has two different people: in the “120 pictures” first issue it is Jenkins, O. whilst by the time of the third issue – “nearly 500 pictures” – the card is occupied by Ivor Morgan. My thanks also go to staunch supporter of this site, Matt Stevens for supplying the image of the card at very short notice.

You can see both cards by clicking the image at left.

Hopefully we’re now finished… πŸ˜‰

UPDATE: Packet image added

10 Cope's Clips Packet -001I am grateful to fellow enthusiast Alan Jenkins who has allowed me to use an image from his website. It’s a photograph of an old Cope’s ‘Clips’ cigarette packet featuring an Everton player on the front; the reverse of this packet apparently showed a player in the red kit of Liverpool.


UPDATE: Printable checklist complete

Everton 500 backOne of the suggestions made by Matt Stevens when setting up this site was to create a printable checklist for collectors. Well, it’s not perfect, but if you visit this new section you will see what I’ve managed to do. Click the image at left or the link in the menu at the top to see what’s what.

We hope that it will be of use to you. πŸ™‚

UPDATE: Job done!

Sunderland 500 backI have now uploaded images of every card in this set, together with team backs where necessary – yes, the Sunderland team back has finally been uploaded. As a result the only projected improvements to this site will be in the shape of adding extra sections to deal with specific issues. As an example, I have just completed a ‘printable checklist’ section, and there is another interesting idea in the pipeline which should hit the ‘net in just a few days…

If you have any ideas or requests please feel free to get in touch using the CONTACT form or leave a comment in the relevant place. πŸ˜‰