10 Cope's Clips Packet -001Welcome to my new website which features all of the images of the cards in this fantastic set. At the very outset I must thank Matt Stevens who has been the driving force behind this website as well as the supplier of all* of the images, both fronts and backs; without Matt’s involvement there is no way this website could ever have been imagined.

Latest updates to the site and news about the stages of development will all appear here, on this Homepage.

And of interest to any foreign visitors, you can use the ‘TRANSLATE/SELECT LANGUAGE’ option in the sidebar to see this website in your mother tongue. 🙂

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So without further ado, off we go…


*The image of the cigarette packet shown here is courtesy of Alan Jenkins. The front shows a player in the blue kit of Everton FC whilst the reverse apparently showed another player in Liverpool FC red.