“282 pictures”

This series was issued in 1910 as a supplementary series to the original 1909 set of 120, and was designed to take the series up to 282 cards. The backs of these cards state as much, therefore you’d expect to find a further 162 cards, yes? Well, think again…

There were no cards 1-120 because they had already been published as the first issue, so this series picked up the gauntlet with card 121 and headed up towards 282. Except that it didn’t…. Derby County – a football team which would appear in the 1911 third issue – were nominally numbered 274-282 but those cards were never issued, meaning that there are no cards beyond 273 in this series.

ManUtd 282 back121 Moger122 West123 Wall124 Roberts C125 Meredith126 Turnbull A127 Stacey128 Halse129 Duckworth130 Holt131 Fenner132 Bullen133 Dewhurst134 Humphries135 Currie136 Parkin137 Hibbert138 Kay139 Lievesley140 Hardinge141 Evans142 Brooks143 Benson141 Brelsford145 Kitchen146 Sturgess147 Walton148 Maskrey149 O'Rourke150 Robinson151 McDonald152 Chaplin153 Torrance154 Campbell155 Blair156 Spiers157 Smith GW158 Anltezack159 White160 Wood161 Avery162 Smith A163 Dean164 Ferguson165 McCabe166 Webster167 Young168 Whittaker169 Harrison170 Brooksby171 Barron172 Ward173 Biggs174 Gillie175 Bower176 Liddell177 Bevan178 Hind179 Scott180 Goffin181 Johnson JH182 Willis183 Johnson TJ184 Lawrence185 Veitch186 Howie187 Rutherford188 McWilliam189 McCracken190 Stewart191 Shepherd192 Whitson193 McDonald194 Downie195 Montgomery196 Donnachie197 Walders198 Wilson199 Broad200 Fay201 Hamilton202 Weir203 Chapman204 Brittleton205 Holbein206 Lloyd207 McSkiming208 Wilson209 Spoors210 Robertson211 Snith212 Thornley213 Wynn214 Bottomley215 Kelso216 Conlin217 Wilkinson218 Jackson219 Jones220 Bache221 Hunter222 Tranter223 Eyre224 Buckley225 Kearns226 Walters227 Lyons228 Wallace229 Bateup230 Common231 Gray232 Sands233 Chalmers234 Neave235 McEachrane236 Ducat237 Rippon238 Molyneux239 Woodward240 Whittingham241 Warren242 McEwan243 Cameron244 Windridge245 Brawn246 Hilsdon247 Reynolds248 White249 Suart250 Brown251 Sharp252 Goldie253 Mavin254 Smith255 Walker256 Webster257 Kent258 MacLaine259 Grieve260 Lockett261 Beaumont262 Hayes263 Stewart264 Kelly265 Threlfall266 Aitken267 Randle268 Travis269 Walker270 King271 Benfield272 Williamson273 Osborne