“120 pictures”

The first release/issue of these cards was a 1909 set which featured 120 players, a fact reinforced by the fourth line of text on the back. Here are those first 120 cards…

Everton 120 back001 Scott002 Balmer R003 MacConachie004 Harris005 Berry006 Makepeace007 Turner008 Young R009 Young A010 Hardy011 Crawford012 Chorlton013 McDonald014 Orr015 Goddard016 Robinson017 Parkinson018 Harrop019 Crompton R020 Aitkenhead021 Garbutt022 Bradshaw023 Davies024 Latheron025 Walmsley026 Stevenson027 Anthony028 Iremonger029 Montgomery030 Griffiths031 Emberton032 Dean033 Waterall034 Craythorne035 Cantrell036 Matthews037 Dudley038 Maltby039 Hooper040 Hughes041 Derrick042 Morris043 Needham044 Wolfe045 Hassell046 Dyke LM047 Morgan WL048 Spiller W049 Pugsley, J050 Wood F051 Powell J052 Daley J053 Williams JL054 Smith F055 Jones D056 Taylor G057 Harris058 Jenkins T059 Lewis C060 Bevan061 Warburton062 Thomas063 Edwards064 TRew W065 Jenkins O066 Thomas DJ067 Davies D068 Williams T069 Owen R070 Morgan T071 Davies B072 Bancroft J073 Higgins074 Jenkins075 Smith076 Davies T077 Bingham078 Llewellyn079 Thomas080 Foley J081 Roberts J082 Stokes083 Edmundson084 Whiteside085 Greenhalgh086 Shinton087 Hewitt088 Hughes089 Hunter090 Smith091 Marsh092 Wyman093 Job094 Phillips095 Evans E096 Evans T097 Williams T098 Beddoe099 Leyshon100 Evans D101 Perry WJ102 Thomas T103 Davies H104 Brennan105 Jones G106 Lee EJ107 Jenkins TT108 Davies DH109 Parry D110 Rees F111 Jones JH112 Fyfe113 Evans A114 Williams H115 Roberts T116 Williams J117 Percival J118 Davies T119 Russell M120 Curtis A