Buying the cards

279 Bloomer125 MeredithCards from this set are always available – it’s just the ones that you want that probably won’t be! A cursory glance at eBay will show you what’s available and at what kind of prices. As ever, condition is everything with these cards and as they are now well over a century old – and thereby fall into the “antique” bracket – you can expect to pay a heavy premium for the better quality ones and even more for the more desirable ones such as Billy Meredith of Manchester United and Steve Bloomer of Derby County.

Here are a few contact addresses if you’re looking to buy the cards. They’re repeated in the sidebar menu at right but it makes sense to include them here too.

eBay – probably your first stop in any search for these cards but beware! The cards can be of very poor quality, although I suppose that you do at least have the advantage of seeing scans of what you’re getting for your money. A glance just today – 23rd February 2020 – has the cheapest card at just £3.00 whilst the most expensive is priced at £49.99. You pays your money and you takes your choice…

Football Soccer Cards – a relatively new site from long-time dealer and expert in football cards, Carl Wilkes. Once again there are images of the cards that he has available at any one time but it might be worth asking him if he has more that haven’t yet been uploaded. Not cheap – usually in the £25.00 – £45.00 bracket – but Carl will always be happy to explain why that’s the case… 😉

Football Card Collector Magazine (FCCM)Garry Daynes is a long-time dealer in football cards and he always has many in stock. You can contact him through this email link and ask him what he has. You might even haggle over prices if you’re buying a few cards at a time…

If you know of any other outlets please let me know and I’ll add them in here.

I note that this card of Derby County’s Steve Bloomer described only as “used” and essentially looking no better than “good” sold on eBay on 12th January 2020 for £200.00 after 7 bids. This is indicative of what you might expect to pay for some of the “premium” cards.


Then on 20th January 2020 this card of “Wee Jock Simpson” also sold on eBay. Advertised for sale at £50.00 the best offer was accepted although I don’t know what that was. Condition isn’t particularly good as you can plainly see.

AUCTION Wee Jock Simpson

Here’s another “desirable” card that I found online, although I cannot establish how much it cost. This one features Manchester United’s early “superstar” Billy Meredith and it seems to be in someone’s collection. It has been professionally graded NM (Near Mint) so I’m guessing that the owner splashed out big style for it but I don’t have access to the website without registering so I can’t confirm anything. If you’re a member of Sports Card Forum please get in touch and let me know what you discover.

Meredith sealed