St. Helens R.

Each ‘ team set’ consisted of just nine cards – although in the case of some rugby teams it was eight or ten – and here are the players and cards for this rugby team.

346.  Turtill (St. Helens R.)
347.  Kelly (St. Helens R.)
348.  Mavitty (St. Helens R.)
349.  Flanagan (St. Helens R.)
350.  Prescott (St. Helens R.)
351.  Greenwood (St. Helens R.)
352.  Lee (St. Helens R.)
353.  Walker (St. Helens R.)
354.  Creevey (St. Helens R.)

346 Turtill347 Kelly348 Mavitty349 Flanagan350 Prescott351 Greenwood352 Lee353 Walker354 CreeveySt Helens R 500 back