“nearly 500 pictures”

The third and final release/issue of these cards was a complete reprint starting with card 1 and taking the series up to 471, whilst the back of the card proudly announced it as a set “consisting of nearly 500 pictures”. Players 1 to 273 have already been covered (should have been 282, but Derby weren’t issued for set 2 when they should have been) and there were a few changes/variations of those cards printed in the previous two issues.

It’s also worth noting that by the time of the 1911 third issue reprinted series it would seem that the printers had trimmed the series without ever announcing it. Collectors will have noted that cards 100, 110 and 120 are impossible to find in this “nearly 500 pictures” back series – why? Well, in the original “120 pictures” issue these were the final cards in the three teams to have ten cards in them – Llanelly, Neath and Ton Pentre – rather than what seems to have been the standard nine cards. So this brought those anomalies into line although it was never made known officially. In other words, don’t bother looking for them in this issue.

In addition, there is an alteration to the Blackburn Rovers team of the “120 pictures” issue as Simpson – of “Wee Jock” fame – replaces Garbutt on card 21. Another one to watch out for…

The series itself was printed in 1911 – we know this because of the presence of card 409. Henry Hamilton as a Southampton player but in Huddersfield Town colours. Hamilton was still a Huddersfield player in early 1911 and didn’t move to the Dell until the summer of that year. There will almost certainly be other examples to back up this theory but that is the only one that I know of off the top of my head.

So here are the cards from this set, beginning with Simpson of Blackburn Rovers and then the new Merthyr Town soccer team (which replaced Merthyr N.U. team from issue 1), the previously unissued Derby (273 onwards) and one or two other variations. Interestingly, 275. Barbour is the only card in the set where the surname has been written using lower case letters; very strange…

021 SimpsonMerthyr Town 500 back055 Draper MT056 Craig MT057 Lewis MT058 White MT059 Savage MT060 Dodds MT061 Lowe MT062 Costello MT063 Gates MT65 Morgan165 Lomas181 Johnson J183 Johnson T274 Bauchop275 Barbour276 Grimes277 Barnes278 Bagshaw279 Bloomer280 Atkin281 Garry282 Donald283 Todd284 Jenkins B285 Whittaker286 Miller287 Ramsdale288 Seeling289 Sharrock J290 Leytham J291 Thomas J292 Lloyd293 Buck294 Bowser295 Pennington296 Baddeley297 Pailor298 Wollaston299 Smith300 Pearson301 Kitchen302 Grey303 Byrne304 Wagstaff305 Bartholomew306 Trevarthen307 Wrigley308 Davies309 Rosenfeld310 Turnbull311 Hayes312 Dixon313 Thackeray314 Milnes315 Little316 Logan317 Scott318 Mason319 Carmichael320 Moore321 Huskins322 Dilcock323 Speakman324 Thomas325 Mann326 Hughes327 Brain328 McFadyen329 Rodway330 Danson331 McBride332 Wareing W333 Holdsworth334 Bannister335 Thompson336 McCall337 Pentland338 Jackson339 Verrill346 McLeod341 Leonard342 Duguid343 Barker344 Elliott345 Williamson346 Turtill347 Kelly348 Mavitty349 Flanagan350 Prescott351 Greenwood352 Lee353 Walker354 Creevey355 Smith W356 Browell357 McIntosh358 Nevins359 McQuillan360 Smith S361 Neve362 Roughley363 Temple364 McLeod365 Croot366 Cubberley367 Enright368 Affleck369 Roberts370 Mulholland371 Norris372 Creighton373 Campbell374 Hendry375 Hogg376 Law377 Galt378 Bennett379 Chapman380 Reid381 Smith A382 Headley383 Halligan384 Harrison385 Needham386 Boxley387 Garraty388 Groves389 Blunt390 Hunt391 Staniforth392 Mounteney393 Gordon394 Arrowsmith395 Wheelhouse396 Jackson397 Lonsdale398 Worth399 Henderson400 McMenemy401 McAteer T402 Mitchell J403 Johnstone P404 McNair A405 Hamilton D406 Quinn J407 Dodds J408 Loney W409 Hamilton410 Gordon D411 Handley412 Robertson413 Monk414 Smith W415 Grayer416 Brown417 Eastham418 Gemmell419 Thomson420 Holley421 Tait422 Low423 Mordue424 Milton425 Bridgett426 Troughear427 Macauley428 Bartlett429 Mutch430 Gee431 Roose432 Beaton433 Hall434 Fayers435 Blackburn436 Morley437 Dawson438 Mayson439 Lindley440 Bamford441 Harris442 Swift443 Reid444 Freeman445 McCormick446 Horne447 Atterbury448 Wilson449 Butler450 Baker451 Holden452 Boden453 Dixon454 Gardiner455 Robertson456 Hall457 Kidd458 Womack459 McKay460 Boumphrey461 Millington462 Daykin463 Wedlock464 Marr465 Young466 Logan467 Burcher468 Davis469 Thompson470 Fagan471 Anderson