Each ‘ team set’ consisted of just nine cards – although in the case of some rugby teams it was eight or ten – and here are the players and cards for this rugby team.

283.  Todd (Wigan)
284.  Jenkins, B. (Wigan) – “Jenkins, Bert.” on the back
285.  Whittaker (Wigan)
286.  Miller (Wigan)
287.  Ramsdale (Wigan)
288.  Seeling (Wigan)
289.  Sharrock, J. (Wigan) – “Sharrock, Jas.” on the back
290.  Leytham, J. (Wigan)
291.  Thomas, J. (Wigan) – “Thomas, Johnny” on the back

283 Todd284 Jenkins B285 Whittaker286 Miller287 Ramsdale288 Seeling289 Sharrock J290 Leytham J291 Thomas JWigan 500 back