Ton Pentre

Each ‘ team set’ consisted of just nine cards – although in the case of some rugby teams it was eight or ten – and here are the TEN players and cards for this team.

111.  Jones, J.H. (Ton Pentre)
112.  Fyfe (Ton Pentre)
113.  Evans, A. (Ton Pentre)
114.  Williams, H. (Ton Pentre)
115.  Roberts, T. (Ton Pentre)
116.  Williams, J. (Ton Pentre)
117.  Percival, J. (Ton Pentre)
118.  Davies, T. (Ton Pentre)
119.  Russell, M. (Ton Pentre)
120.  Curtis, A. (Ton Pentre)

111 Jones JH112 Fyfe113 Evans A114 Williams H115 Roberts T116 Williams J117 Percival J118 Davies T119 Russell M120 Curtis ATon Pentre 120 back

*My grateful thanks go to fellow football card enthusiast Alan Jenkins who has pointed out that Ton Pentre was not – as I had believed – a rugby club, but was in fact a Southern League Association Football club. He has also sent me a photograph and cutting which actually shows some of the players in the above kit and also mentions them by name.

Ton Pentre Lambs 191011Ton Pentre penpics 191011

Alan has a very successful and useful website for football card collectors HERE.