Each ‘ team set’ consisted of just nine cards – although in the case of some rugby teams it was eight or ten – and here are the TEN players and cards for this rugby team.

101.  Perry, W.J. (Neath)
102.  Thomas, T. (Neath)
103.  Davies, H. (Neath)
104.  Brennan (Neath) – “Brennan, J.” on the back
105.  Jones, G. (Neath)
106.  Lee, E.J. (Neath)
107.  Jenkins, T.T. (Neath)
108.  Davies, D.H. (Neath)
109.  Parry, D. (Neath)
110.  Rees, F. (Neath)

101 Perry WJ102 Thomas T103 Davies H104 Brennan105 Jones G106 Lee EJ107 Jenkins TT108 Davies DH109 Parry D110 Rees FNeath 120 back