Each ‘ team set’ consisted of just nine cards – although in the case of some rugby teams it was eight or ten – and here are the players and cards for this rugby team.

46.  Dyke, L.M. (Cardiff)
47.  Morgan, W.L. (Cardiff)
48.  Spiller, W. (Cardiff)
49.  Pugsley, J. (Cardiff)
50.  Wood, F. (Cardiff)
51.  Powell, J. (Cardiff)
52.  Daley, J. (Cardiff)
53.  Williams, J.L. (Cardiff)
54.  Smith, F. (Cardiff)

046 Dyke LM047 Morgan WL048 Spiller W049 Pugsley, J050 Wood F051 Powell J052 Daley J053 Williams JL054 Smith FCARDIFF FC 120 back