Blackburn Rovers

Each ‘ team set’ consisted of just nine cards – although in the case of some rugby teams it was eight or ten – and here are the players and cards for this team. Note that Simpson appears on card 21 and also separately as an individual card with a biographical back.

19.  Crompton (R.) (Blackburn Rovers)
20.  Aitkenhead (Blackburn Rovers)
21.  Garbutt (Blackburn Rovers) – “120 pictures” only
21. Simpson (Blackburn Rovers) – “nearly 500 pictures” only
22.  Bradshaw (Blackburn Rovers)
23.  Davies (Blackburn Rovers)
24.  Latheron (Blackburn Rovers)
25.  Walmsley (Blackburn Rovers)
25.  Stevenson (Blackburn Rovers)
27.  Anthony (Blackburn Rovers)
u/n Jock Simpson (Blackburn Rovers)

019 Crompton R020 Aitkenhead021 Garbutt022 Bradshaw023 Davies024 Latheron025 Walmsley026 Stevenson027 AnthonyBlackburn Rovers 120 back variation021 SimpsonBlackburn Rovers 500 back variation

In addition there is a single unusual card featuring Blackburn Rovers player “Wee Jock Simpson”. This card looks to have been printed in the second issue – “282 pictures” – and has a full biography on the back rather than a list of team players. It is also worth noting taht he is the only player to appear twice in the set – he is in the Blackburn Rovers team set frm the “nearly 500 pictures” 1911 issue as well as this card, replacing Garbutt on card 21 from the first issue.

Wee Jock SimpsonWee Jock Simpson back